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Course Description

If you are drawn to a career in a health or science related field, such as nursing, occupational therapy, radiography or biology, this course will prepare you for your chosen university degree. The course will provide a thorough grounding in a range of health and science related subjects and enable you to have flexibility in your university choices. The main subjects areas are: integrated science (e.g. biochemistry and biology); human science (e.g. anatomy and physiology); psychology; the role of the healthcare professional; nutritional science (e.g. micro and macronutrients). The course consists of twenty individual units which are made up of fifteen health and science units and five study skills units. The study skills units are an integral part of the first two terms and will help you develop the academic reading and writing skills essential for university.


Course runs from 13 Sep 2017 to 22 Jun 2018


Access to HE Diploma: Health and Human Sciences (Level 3)

Entry Requirements

You are required to demonstrate that you are working well at both maths and English level 2 (GCSE A-C) through a GCSE maths/English/English Language certificate and/or a maths/English assessment.

Method of Assessment

Your knowledge and understanding will be regularly assessed in a number of ways using a variety of methods including: · Short Written Tasks · Short Essays · Written and Spoken Exams · Worksheets and Workbooks · Reports · Question and Answer · Group Discussion · Presentations · Collaboration: Group and Pair work · Peer and Self-assessment · Debates · Case studies · Primary and Secondary research · Practical Demonstration


Health and Human Science related degree courses for example: Nursing (e.g. Adult, Child or Mental Health nursing); Radiography; Occupational Therapy; Biology; Nutrition; Biological and Forensic Science. Please note: each university will provide information and have specific conditions regarding entry requirements. We advise that you check the relevant university entry requirements of your preferred degree choice/s. You are also advised to seek paid or voluntary work in a health or care setting to support your university application.


This is a full time course. This means that you will have 16 hours contact time per teaching week and be expected to work outside the classroom for approximately 12-15 hours a week This is a residential course but you can choose to be: (i) A weekly resident. You will be resident on site only on days the course is running (ii) A Full time resident. You will be resident on site all week during term time.

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